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If you’re tired of your drab, outdated kitchen cabinets or have kitchen cabinets that are high quality but don’t match your current color scheme, you may be thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets to update the look, update the style and provide a cheap alternative to buying and installing new kitchen cabinets. Although painting your kitchen cabinets may provide a new look, there are many things to consider before painting kitchen cabinets rather than replacing your kitchen cabinets during a kitchen renovation.

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Unless you have high quality, all-wood crafted kitchen cabinets, painting them can be a huge undertaking and result in problems. Although painting wood cabinets can be done fairly easily and provide results that are adequate, cabinets that are made out of other materials can be difficult to paint. Many cabinets have wood doors but the shelves and shells of the cabinets may be made out of a cheaper material. These cheaper materials are difficult to paint, may need additional refinishing and may not hold up as well as the wood elements. Before you decide to paint, research the material your cabinets are made out of as well as the materials that will be needed and the durability. Which leads us to…


The kitchen is a messy place. As one of the more well-used rooms in your house full of liquids, food and kitchen splatters your kitchen takes a beating. As anyone with white cabinets knows, food and cooking ingredients seem to find themselves onto your cabinets no matter how careful you are. Not to mention the constant cleaning and scrubbing your cabinets endure. Painting kitchen cabinets will decrease the durability of them and over time the paint may begin to peel, crack or become discolored. Before choosing to paint your cabinets, speak to your designer about the durability of the cabinets you can expect.


A lot of homeowners choose to paint their cabinets because of the difference in price between painting and installing all new cabinetry. This may be true, but depending on the placement of the cabinets, the age of the cabinets and the material of the cabinets, there may not be a huge difference in price between painting and installing new cabinets through a kitchen remodeling. Explore the differences in pricing before you pick up a paint brush.


You may be considering painting your cabinets to update the look of your kitchen. Depending on the age of your cabinets, even painting might not modernize them. New cabinet sizes, shapes and modern cabinet materials will create a kitchen that is updated, modern and fresh. Even with a cost of paint if your cabinets have an outdated style or outdated placement in the kitchen, new cabinets will offer a more modern and contemporary look.

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