As they sit in a New Minas pub after a long day at work, two friends who work at a custom cabinet shop get into a friendly argument about what they love most about their job. They both agree that they enjoy working with customers and take pride in their craftsmanship, but have different perspectives on what makes their work truly special.

The first friend starts by listing off the 5 best things about their customers:

  1. Their appreciation for custom design – customers who come to them for custom cabinets understand the value of unique and personalized designs, and are willing to invest in quality craftsmanship.

  2. Their excitement for the process – many customers are excited to be a part of the design process and enjoy collaborating with the team to create their dream kitchen or bathroom.

  3. Their trust in the team – customers who come to them for custom cabinets trust their expertise and are willing to take risks on new and innovative designs.

  4. Their gratitude for the end product – when the cabinets are finished and installed, many customers are thrilled with the final result and express their gratitude for a job well done.

  5. Their willingness to refer others – satisfied customers often refer friends and family to the custom cabinet shop, which helps to grow their business and reputation.

The second friend responds by listing off the 5 best things about their craftsmanship:

  1. The attention to detail – they take great care to ensure that every cabinet is built to the highest standards of quality and precision.

  2. The use of high-quality materials – they only use the best materials available to ensure that the cabinets are durable and long-lasting.

  3. The flexibility of design – they can create cabinets in any style or configuration, whether it be modern, traditional, or anything in between.

  4. The custom finishes – they offer a range of finishes to give the cabinets a unique and personalized touch, such as distressing, glazing, or staining.

  5. The satisfaction of creating something beautiful – at the end of the day, they take pride in creating beautiful and functional cabinets that will be enjoyed by their customers for years to come.

Despite their different perspectives, the two friends agree that they both love their job and are proud of the work they do. They cheers to their success and continue to enjoy their conversation over a couple of beers.