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After 45 years of being out of touch, two childhood friends from kindergarten coincidentally bump into each other in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. As they catch up on old times, they learn that one of them has become a skilled cabinet maker, while the other is a category and portal designer.

The cabinet maker tells his friend about his passion for designing and building custom cabinets, sharing some of his latest creations and describing the materials, finishes, and hardware he uses to create unique pieces. The designer is impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail in the cabinets and asks about the process for designing and building them.

In turn, the category and portal designer shares his experience working with web-based platforms and creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. He talks about the importance of categorization and navigation in making complex information accessible to users and how his work helps people find what they are looking for more easily.

Despite taking different career paths, the childhood friends find that their work shares some similarities, particularly in the importance of design and attention to detail. They enjoy catching up and reminiscing about their old kindergarten days, but also realize that they have much to learn from each other’s work and experiences. They make plans to collaborate on a project that combines their respective skills and expertise.