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A quick Google search will provide millions of horror stories from home owners who share kitchen remodeling nightmares. From remodeling contractors who don’t provide adequate services to design flaws that make kitchen’s almost unusable there is no shortage of people who have had remodeling experiences that failed to meet their expectations. Here we share kitchen remodeling mistakes so you can avoid kitchen remodeling nightmares.

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This seems like a simple mistake, but home owners who do not hire a professional kitchen remodeling company often run into issues with work completed, timelines and substandard remodeling practices. One of the best ways to avoid this mistakes is to hire professional kitchen remodelers like [insert company name]. [insert company name] provides excellent, fine quality kitchen remodeling designs, materials and professionalism that is unmatched.


The fridge is often the largest appliance in your kitchen and the space made in a kitchen remodel can be difficult to move once it’s installed. Ensure your fridge is in a spot that is easily accessible and stylistically placed. Your kitchen designer will use kitchen designer software to easily offer suggested placement of the fridge. Take the time to look and reconsider where to place the fridge in your kitchen remodel.


Poorly placed lighting can diminish from the overall look of your kitchen remodel and can also be problematic when cooking. Explore different lighting options, placement and dimming selections. Lightning under kitchen cabinets and natural lightning options such as large kitchen windows can enhance the overall look and functionality of your kitchen.


Kitchen stools that don’t fit, kitchen space that doesn’t provide enough seating or a poorly placed kitchen bar can minimize seating options in your kitchen. Whether your kitchen is used for family meals or social activities, you want the space and the seating options that will maximize the use of your kitchen. Ensure the seating options have enough space and kitchen stools fit properly.


Most homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen want to increase their storage and cabinet space. Once you’ve chosen high quality kitchen cabinetry and the style you want, your kitchen designer will work with you to create kitchen cabinet placement and sizes that will maximize your space. It can be difficult to really know what size cabinets you should have and their placement without working in the remodeled kitchen. Identify the shortcomings of your current kitchen cabinetry placement, size and storage capacity before meeting with your kitchen designer. Once you’ve identified what you don’t like or areas to improve on, it will be easier to create a design that optimizes your space and provides the optimal usage in your kitchen.

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