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Kitchens are the heart of many homes and like our personal style, we want it to reflect us while staying current and fresh. Here are a few of the common trends sweeping the industry to help keep your style, and your kitchen on trend.

Fixtures: Stainless steel remains on trend, but oil-rubbed bronze continues to be an important surface for kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as faucets, handles and knobs. Check out other current finishes such as gold, copper, bronze, brushed nickel, or chrome.

Sinks: To embrace the trends for warm metals, ditch the standard stainless steel sink and go with a plain white sink, or perhaps a sink in a warm color that harmonizes.

Wallpaper: A major trend in 2015, according to kitchen and bathroom designer Lee Hardcastle, is incorporating wallpaper on an accent wall. Next year we’ll also be seeing wallpaper used in unexpected ways and spaces, such as on ceilings, to create striking features.

Colour: Along with white, gray is a strong contender for the hottest neutral color in trendy designers’ palettes for 2015. Metallic surfaces are a hot design trend for 2015, and they are easily accomplished; try freshening up tired spaces with some of the newest metallic paint colors that are hitting the marketplace now. Watch for vibrant, attention-grabbing hues making a comeback in the kitchen.

Design: Open floor plans continue to be on-trend for 2015 and beyond. What you will begin to see more of is a reduced amount of cabinets which opens up the space, especially above the counter. People hanging out in your family room can see everything going on in the kitchen and the people in the kitchen have full view of the family room as well.

At MCK Kitchen & Bath Design, we work within your budget and your design taste in creating a kitchen atmosphere where your family can gather and share in food and conversation.

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