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Would love to take this opportunity to, first of all, thank Ian Murray for his visits to our home which resulted in beautifully designed kitchen cabinets which turned out so much better then we could have ever imagined.

Small & short of it, we were contemplating selling our home and really not thinking about remodeling our kitchen although it desperately needed it. We entertain a lot in our home and like most other homes, the kitchen always seems to be the place everyone congregates.

Well, our kitchen was so small, but somehow folks still wanted to be there.
I was traveling along Akerly Blvd, seen the MCK sign. Decided to take a peak inside. Shortly after I met Ian, he was very attentive & interested in our home/kitchen story even though I/we weren’t sure about whether we were even serious about jumping into this type of renovation.

It was our daughter who was doing most of the pushing towards a kitchen Reno.
Ian indicated he would love to pop by to take a look and advise what could be done etc.

Allison our daughter shared her ideas with Ian, they conversed back & forth, taken some measurements, and left. Approximately 1 week later Ian has contacted me and informed us that he had designed a kitchen plan.

Allison & I popped by, I remember my daughter saying:

“You got what I was going for, wow, I love it”.
The next step was the –

When could this process begin?
How much mess would there be ?
How long would it take for the cupboards to be built and installed?
After we, myself, my wife & Allison my daughter agreed to go for it, we met with Ian and got the ball rolling. Hardware, countertops, and finishing design is done with. This was mid-July.

July 27th I removed our cupboards and started with the demo. Ian kept in contact with us every Tuesday by email or call to see how things were progressing. He indicated the cupboards would be finished by August 11th. They were indeed. We had completed all the demo work, and the kitchen cabinets were ready for install.

August 18. Done. The installers were very friendly and professional. Our countertop installation followed just a short time later(a few days) these guys were
knowledgeable, professional & friendly.

Our beautiful kitchen cabinets basically transformed our entire home.
Since completed I recommended MCK to two people who are potentially looking to do a kitchen cabinets renovation. From what I heard back from these people, Ian popped by their homes and offer some great advice.

Now that’s great customer service.
I would highly recommend any others contemplating a kitchen renovation.

Thank you so much, Ian and the staff of MCK, Burnside , Dartmouth.

Bill, Jerri & Allison Burke, Cole Harbour N.S.